Lean Startup Challenge – Accepted

My application to Lean Startup Challenge got accepted!

So the next six weeks will be super busy, but I am glad that my concept of enterprise social graph is getting traction and I am looking forward to test it the lean way and learn and build a great business model for it.

If you are into collaboration, visualization and enterprise and want to be part of something new, contact me via Twitter @kvoges or via SMART360°Biz.

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Boston Startup Community

It is great to be in Boston. I just love it. Besides all the benefits of the city itself (right size, culture, sport, nature, climate, time zone for business in US and Europe, Education, …) there are a couple of startup features which I like:

  • Companies/Ecosystem
  • Smart People – Many colleges/universities
  • Close to lot’s of possible clients if you are focussing on classical industries or consumers in short travel distance and within same timezone – as opposed to the west-coast – which lacks traditional industries 🙂
  • So far I think it is a great place to be for a startup. Will follow up on some of my adventures here in a next post.

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    Relationship based visualizations in EA

    Why are clusters, graphs and other relations so popular in EA?

    Very common in Enterprise Architecture are relationship based visualizations. This is in contrast to many other management disciplines.
    Most other management visualizations often come down to some sort of number visualization, being it Bar-Chart, Pie-Charts or others.
    So why is the EA world so interested in the relationship based visualizations?

    Maybe it is because EA main effort as well as many benefits are in relating very different data areas in an organization to each other, e.g. Apps on Servers, Apps in Business Processes, Data Object in Organizational Context, …
    Because these relationship are so new to have for many organizations, most and most common visualizations always are relationship based.

    Examples of relationship based visualizations

    Example of relationship based visualizations are:

    • Cluster
    • Landscape
    • Graphs
    Tree Diagram
    Hierarchical-Tree or Relation-Tree

    We will look into them in more details in a follow up post.

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    My profile is getting American

    Just recognized today, that most of my LinkedIn profile viewers are from the USA:

    LinkedIn Profile Viewers

    LinkedIn Profile Viewers

    Ok, it is LinkedIn, whereas everybody in Germany uses XING, and I still have more contacts at XING than LinkedIn (522:471). Yet interesting to see where current business is 🙂

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    Enterprise Architecture is like Going Green

    Starting with Enterprise Architecture is like Going Green:

    1. You will replace things that are working – but the replacement is better
    2. You will change gradually – as interdependencies are HUGE
    3. It is a long term commitment – maybe with some quick wins, but mostly long ROIs times
    4. It is the right thing to do
    5. Europe is way ahead 🙂

    This resulted from a great lunch discussion today with someone from Gartner, talking about the differences between Europe and North America regarding the adoption of Enterprise Architecture and EA Tools and why Europe is so strong in EA.

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    Get a consulting call with me via clarity.fm. Easy to use tool, great way to benefit from my expertise for a low price and low volume.


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    My commit history of source-code at iteraplan

    What a long track record – with lots of off-times and a low commit level in the last few years 🙂

    kvoges commit history at iteraplan

    kvoges commit history at iteraplan

    iteraplan is such a great EA Tool!

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