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BankOfAmerica – Stacktrace

This is a nice stacktrace from the online banking at BoA, revealing the use of SAML2, and JBoss Web/2.1.11.GA. Most puzzling part: Why a big bank cannot configure the servers to display a proper ErrorPage instead of a stacktrace. HTTP Status … Continue reading

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Lean Startup Challenge – Accepted

My application to Lean Startup Challenge got accepted! So the next six weeks will be super busy, but I am glad that my concept of enterprise social graph is getting traction and I am looking forward to test it the lean … Continue reading

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From Scrum to Kanban

Great read: From Scrum to Kanban – good and bad reasons to switch. Currently at iteratec we do Kanban for the development of the first OpenSource EA Tool iteraplan. Now for a bit more than a year already. It helps … Continue reading

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Adapting a communication approach to SW projects

This weekend I read skim-read the book “Das Kommunikationskonzept” from Klaus Schmidbauer and Eberhard Knödler-Bunte, which is a guidance for developing a communication concept. My sister Verena Voges is using it at a reference. I liked their approach to writing … Continue reading

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Hacker Monthly

Hacker Monthly worth a read. especially the article  ‘How to Bootstrap’ by Spencer Fry (close to the Lean Startup theme) and programmer’s jargon with my new favourite “Loch Ness Monster Bug” – seen by just one person, not reproducible, … … Continue reading

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Which Java wiki engine should one use within an OpenSource application? XWiki vs. WikiText (Mylyn)

Within the OpenSource EA Tool iteraplan, we think about offering Wiki support in textfields like descriptions of applications or business processes. A search about OpenSource Java Wiki Engines revealed four possible candidates: Radeox: with no real further development going on … Continue reading

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