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If in doubt leave it out – 10 Golden Rules of Enterprise Architecture

10 Golden Rules of Enterprise Architecture Modeling – If in doubt, leave it out Continue reading

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Startups are great – less mean – less gaming

Great insights from Paul Graham: “Startups don’t win by attacking. They win by transcending” from Mean People Fail “Starting a startup is where gaming the system stops working” from Before the Startup As always the articles from Paul Graham are worth … Continue reading

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BankOfAmerica – Stacktrace

This is a nice stacktrace from the online banking at BoA, revealing the use of SAML2, and JBoss Web/2.1.11.GA. Most puzzling part: Why a big bank cannot configure the servers to display a proper ErrorPage instead of a stacktrace. HTTP Status … Continue reading

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How to build your corporate EA Function inspired by Google’s Design function

How Google built their central design function (known as UXA – User Experience Alliance) can be a lesson and guidance on how to built a central EnterpriseArchitects function. This dawned on my reading the great Fast Company article about how design finally made … Continue reading

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Old MacBook Pro now Rocket fast with hardwrk SSD Kit

Just a week ago I installed into our old MacBook Pro (2010) an SSD instead of the DVD Drive and since then it is rocket fast – using Aperture with thousand of photos is now starting in seconds, vs. 10 … Continue reading

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WorldSeries Scoring Analysis

Combining the current great performance of the Boston Red Sox in the World Series with some visualization analysis for SMART 360° – WorldSeries Analysis 🙂 So with no understanding of baseball, there is a clear pattern here: 6th and 7th … Continue reading

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More connections on LinkedIn than XING

As I was connecting to some further participants and mentors of the LeanStartupChallenge on LinkedIn I made another observation. It is not only visible that my profile itself is more American, but today is the first time I have more connections … Continue reading

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