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If in doubt leave it out – 10 Golden Rules of Enterprise Architecture

10 Golden Rules of Enterprise Architecture Modeling – If in doubt, leave it out Continue reading

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Startups are great – less mean – less gaming

Great insights from Paul Graham: “Startups don’t win by attacking. They win by transcending” from Mean People Fail “Starting a startup is where gaming the system stops working” from Before the Startup As always the articles from Paul Graham are worth … Continue reading

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BankOfAmerica – Stacktrace

This is a nice stacktrace from the online banking at BoA, revealing the use of SAML2, and JBoss Web/2.1.11.GA. Most puzzling part: Why a big bank cannot configure the servers to display a proper ErrorPage instead of a stacktrace. HTTP Status … Continue reading

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How to build your corporate EA Function inspired by Google’s Design function

How Google built their central design function (known as UXA – User Experience Alliance) can be a lesson and guidance on how to built a central EnterpriseArchitects function. This dawned on my reading the great Fast Company article about how design finally made … Continue reading

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Old MacBook Pro now Rocket fast with hardwrk SSD Kit

Just a week ago I installed into our old MacBook Pro (2010) an SSD instead of the DVD Drive and since then it is rocket fast – using Aperture with thousand of photos is now starting in seconds, vs. 10 … Continue reading

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WorldSeries Scoring Analysis

Combining the current great performance of the Boston Red Sox in the World Series with some visualization analysis for SMART 360° – WorldSeries Analysis 🙂 So with no understanding of baseball, there is a clear pattern here: 6th and 7th … Continue reading

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More connections on LinkedIn than XING

As I was connecting to some further participants and mentors of the LeanStartupChallenge on LinkedIn I made another observation. It is not only visible that my profile itself is more American, but today is the first time I have more connections … Continue reading

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My LinkedIn Network

My LinkedIn Network As we are working on the Enterprise Social Graph I discovered this nice visualizaton of my LinkedIn Network.   Would you be interested in overlaying this with your Email communication or Calendar data to help you build stronger … Continue reading

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Enterprise Social Graph

Enterprise Social Graph Are you interested in knowing how your organization really works and how departments are connected? Identify bottlenecks and pain points in your employees networks and in the relationships with partners and vendors. Stay tuned here:

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My Startup Adventure History 2013

As we are currently validating a lot of our learning through Lean Startup Challenge, I want to capture some of my learnings, try-outs of pre-LSC time. In April I applied at Masschallenge with the following idea/pitch in short: A better … Continue reading

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