More connections on LinkedIn than XING

As I was connecting to some further participants and mentors of the LeanStartupChallenge on LinkedIn I made another observation. It is not only visible that my profile itself is more American, but today is the first time I have more connections on LinkedIn than on XING. For all Americans: XING is the much better version of LinkedIn started in Germany long time ago, yet it is mainly a DACH/European focussed business network.

Today: 527 on LinkedIn vs. 526 on XING

Just a year ago the numbers where: ~480 on XING vs. ~200 on LinkedIn.

Amazing how 12 months working in the US makes such a great difference 🙂

So if you want to do business in the US – move over here! Go to events, network, engage with clients, be extrovert, go to Meetups and build your network.



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