Sad: Bloglines will shut down; Google Reader sucks will shut down Bloglines in 3 weeks. I am a very happy user of Bloglines since April 2005 – gosh, what a long time in internet age. I really enjoyed Bloglines and it would be great if would OpenSource the code base of Bloglines.
I also enjoyed the iPhone web version to keep up-to-date with you news on the go.

No I am forced to use Google Reader. I hate the tiny fonts, the messed interface and the techie look of it. A bit like windows 3.11 interface or java AWT 😦
Additionally it is bloated with functionality and not good for a starter. I wonder if my wife – who started using Bloglines a couple of months ago – will ever make the switch.
Hopefully I will get used to it or even better – maybe the Google Reader team will get someone from the usability team on board 😉
Anyway, I am happy that the export – import went very well and maybe Google Reader has some features I really like.
Are there any other RSS Readers out there?
And no, simply relying on Twitter is not my intention 😉


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